Supplies for Watercolour Monday.

We try and keep the supply list quite simple for these Watercolour Monday sessions. If you already have watercolours either in cake pans or tubes, feel free to use whatever supplies you have.

Basic list
-watercolour pan set
-#10 or #12 round synthetic sable watercolour brush
-#4 or #6 round synthetic sable watercolour brush (optional helpful for small details).
-plastic tray for mixing colours (white plastic lids could suffice).
-blotting paper (sold in large sheets at Opus Art supplies)
-two containers of water
-H pencil, eraser and sharpener.
-9 x 12″ watercolour sketchbook with 100% cotton paper, cold press, 140 lb is recommended (such as the Arches pad -see image below). This pad is more expensive than the lesser quality ones but you will get better results and you can use both sides of paper.
-paper towels